Pedestrian Tracking
Pedestrian Tracking

Understanding pedestrian movements no longer needs to be fraught with guesswork.
With TEAM, you receive incredibly detailed and accurate reports that are truly industry benchmarks.

Whether you need a basic footpath utilisation report, or highly detailed desire-line imagery, analysis and animations, we can make sure you get the results you need.

TEAM knows pedestrians - now you can too.

Methods Available

Bluetooth / WiFi

Utilising high-tech technology to track smartphones, our Bluetooth / WiFi scanning gives you a large amount of encrypted data over a longer period.

Long-term deployment available

High sample rate (up to 50%)

No uniquely identifiable data collected

Desire Line Tracking

TEAM's powerful in-house desire line tracking means you get an unprecedented look into pedestrian movements - without the need for staff to be present on-site.

Disruption free (no behavioural changes)

Geo-spatially encoded & type classified

Complex O/D Matrices available

Manual Counting

When you need the human touch, we provide manual counting services either on-site or via video.

Count vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists & more!

Customised counts to suit your needs

High precision