Parking Surveys

It is always beneficial to understand how your parking is performing.

We take the hassle out of parking beat & utilisation surveys, with a wide range of solutions that suit every need.

From basic occupancy counts to detailed area-wide duration of stay surveys, we've got you covered - pop by the office today to see how we can help.

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Methods Available


Our computerised number plate recognition system makes light work of collecting the most amount of data possible, making it unparalleled for accuracy & precision.

Suitable for shorter term deployments

Very high sample rate (~96%)

Low-light cameras available for night-time

Machine Vision

High accuracy computerised counting, suitable for high volume & long duration counts where alternative methods would be cost prohibitive.

Count vehicles, pedestrians & cyclists

Suitable for long duration

High accuracy

Manual Counting

When you need the human touch, we provide manual counting services either on-site or via video.

Count vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists & more!

Customised counts to suit your needs

High precision